1. Experiment In Truth
  2. Voice of my Beautiful Country

  3. Black Lace Freudian Slip
  4. The Strangest Thing
  5. Sweet Thunder
  6. Pepper Adams: Complete Compositions Volume 3
  7. The First Step
  8. Destination
  9. VA
    Airborne Ecstasy, LLC
  10. Believe in Spring
  11. Smile for The Count
  12. Ken Waters
  13. Longineu Parsons: Spaced the collected works
  14. Nocturnal Traces
  15. Joe Gransden Plays and Sings
  16. Rebecca Kate Myers
    Satin Doll
  17. Pam Laws
    Love Songs
    Van Every’s Way
  18. Beachside
  19. Live from the Jazz Corner
  20. The Nathen Page Quartet
    Thinking of You
    Hugo’s music
  21. The Nathen Page Quartet
    Season’s Greetings
    Hugo’s music
  22. The Nathen Page Quartet
    Live at Pinkie Lee’s
    Hugo’s music
  23. Jazz Over Easy: The Kevin Bales Trio
  24. Jazz Over Easy: APA Champion Kevin Bales
  25. Kevin Bales, Reginald Thomas, George Colligan
    Ivories on the Avenue
    GS Records
  26. Have You Heard
  27. The Leon Anderson, Jr. Quintet
    Essence of a Soldier
    Anderson Music
  28. The Teddy Adams Quintet
  29. Robert Lewis and Frank Duval
    Fearless Jones
    Robert Lewis and Frank Duvall Music
  30. Sojourner
  31. Danielle Gasparro
    Reel People’s Music
  32. UNF Faculty Combo
    UNF 10th Anniversary
    University of North Florida Production
  33. Ben Tucker and Friends
    Dolphin Music
  34. Longineu Parsons, with Sam Rivers and Nat Adderly
    Work Song
  35. Ned Holder, with Ira Sullivan
    Mane Stream
    Ned Holder Music